Investing in Property

Whatever your investment goals, Zar Mortgage Brokers will match you with the loan that best fits your situation and maximizes the return on your investment. Whether this is your first time investing in property or you already have a portfolio, we are the one-stop shop you are looking for.
Our experienced brokers have a comprehensive understanding of your needs and will help you source the right funding, from simple to complex transactions, and deliver all the services you could expect, from managing your loan application all the way through settlement to assisting you with obtaining insurance and other related products.

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Seek independent financial advice

Whether you are investing in property for tax benefits, capital growth or retirement income, before deciding if investing in property is the right thing for you, we recommend that you consult with a financial advisor to put a strategy or plan together that will help you achieve your financial goals.  

Negative gearing

A negatively geared property investment means the return from rental income is less than the interest on the loan. In some cases, the tax department allows the losses incurred on the investment to be offset against other income as tax deductions. Tax laws vary from state to state, so if you are investing in property for the tax benefits, consult with your financial adviser to see if negative gearing is right for you.

Interest only loans

Interest only loans are particularly popular for investors. The repayments of interest only loans will be lower than other ordinary loan types because you only pay the interest charges each month—the principal of the loan is paid only when convenient. For those investing in property for the tax benefits, an interest only loan may complement your negative gearing benefits. In addition, an interest only loan will allow you to secure the property with minimal cash. Consult with your financial advisor to find out if an interest only loan is best for you.

What are all the costs of buying


The costs of buying and financing when investing in property include the lender’s application fees, mortgage insurance if you are borrowing more than 80% of the property value, your own costs (conveyancing, inspections, etc.) and government duties, such as stamp duty. Stamp Duty Calculator

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow when investing in property depends on your income and the deposit amount. With our free comparison service, your Zar Mortgage Brokers Consultant can calculate this quickly and easily. Provide your details on our How Much Can I Borrow Calculator for your free loan comparison service and borrowing capacity check.

How much will my repayments be?

Once you choose the loan for your investment property, your Zar Mortgage Brokers Consultant will let you know how much your repayments will be. Use our Loan Repayments Calculator for an estimate.  

Finding the right investment loan

Eliminate the hassle of shopping around when investing in property—your Zar Mortgage Brokers Consultant will do the work and help you choose a loan solution that is right for you.

Start your free loan comparison service and borrowing capacity check.

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